Day 95: ‘The Bushes Scream While My Daddy Prunes’ by The Very Things

If the same band are on the list twice, but under two different names, is that cheating?
The Very Things were one of several projects fronted by the Shend during the 1980s (see Day 13). I first came across this piece of absurd SF-tinged craziness on The Tube, and bought the LP as soon as I came across it. As well as being the video for the LP’s title track, this features sections of their instrumental piece ‘Information’ (including samples from The Prisoner), and also steals a bit from one of the Quatermass films. It’s brilliant and bonkers. Definitely one of the standout videos of the entire project.
The Shend – bass, vocals; Dr Robin Raymond – guitar; Gordon Disneytime – drums

YouTube videos often disappear without warning. Please let me know if you draw a blank, so I can try and restore normal service. If you've liked it, please tell your friends!

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